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Precious Series

These pieces made in the kiln in a vermiculite box filled with sand.  The damp sand is molded to the desired form then carefully filled with pre-fired clear glass frit.  The resultant forms take their inspiration from the delicate and precious life forms living on the sea bed and margins of the oceans .  The Clam, the Oyster and the Chiton who being filter feeders rely on clean water to thrive. These life forms are often harvested before they can reach maturity and with the acidification of the oceans their shells are becoming thinner and less resilient to attack.

From shell to sand to glass to sculpture - remaking the unmade.

Precious Series - Sculptures - 20cm on polished granite base
Precious Series - Chiton - 20cm
Precious Series - Chiton - 20cm
Precious Series - Oyster - 20cm
Precious Series - Detail
Precious Series - Clam - 20cm
Precious Series - Clam - 20cm

Genesis Series

Sky, Earth and Sea

Sigi Hill Glass - Genesis: Sea.jpg
DSC_2672 - Sigi Hill -Earth.jpg
DSC_2686 - Sigi Hill - Earth side view.jpg

Change Series
This trio was designed and made during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020. The pieces called Calm Waters, Ripple and Maelstrom are a subconscious reaction to those turbulent times.  The glass seemingly floats above the wooden plinths giving light to the pieces which resemble 
precarious spinning plates.  The Change Series suggests a circularity and orderly transition in the evolution of change.

Change Series-The Sculpture Series v1.0.mSigi Hill
00:00 / 03:08
Change Series-Methods v1.0Sigi Hill
00:00 / 03:41
Change Series-Philosophy v1.0Sigi Hill
00:00 / 01:06

Oceanic Series

Working with glass frits and sheet glass. These pieces look at the dappled reflections on the ocean.

Oceanic - Vessel - 37cm
Sea & Sky - Vesssel - 37cm
Sea & Sky - wall piece - 32cm
Oceanic - vessel - 32cm
Wave Bowls - 11cm
Oceanic  - Bowl - 37cm
Oceanic - Bowl - 37cm
Speckled Blue - Bowl - 17cm
Wave Bowl - 11cm
Wave Bowls - 11cm
Wave Bowl - 11cm

Inspired by Sand


Vessels portraying the crystalline qualities of sand and the colours of a coastline.  The layers of frit mirroring a cliff side which reveals sediments long hidden from the surface;  most dramatically a black layer suggesting a long forgotten fire perhaps. 
In some I use contours of a coast to suggest the transition from waters edge to  beach to soil and vegetation.

Coastal wall piece - 32cm
Inspired by sand - detail
Inspired by sand - detail
Coastal Series - wall pieces 32cm
Coastal Vessel - 32cm
Inspired by sand - Vessel - 37cm
Inspired by sand - detail
Inspired by sand Vessel - 37cm
Inspired by sand Vessel - 37cm
Inspired by sand Vessel - 37cm
Inspired by sand Vessel - 32cm

Transient Isle Series

The starting point for these works was an oyster and the island where it lived and died.  I developed my designs around the layering and ageing of the shell and the changes to the island over time.  The work responds to the 'ever shifting' sands, mans' interventions, the lifecycle of the beach and the textures of the coastline.

Transient Isle I - wall piece - 90x55cm
Transient Isle I
Transient Isle I - detail
Transient Isle I - detail
Transient Isle II and III
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